Reusable (or cloth) nappies: the eco friendly choice

Modern cloth nappies have become the choice of cost-conscious and ethically minded parents. The days of the terry nappy being the only choice are long gone, and our bright, fun real nappies are easy to use, wash and care for.

A disposable nappy will take on average 500 years to decompose in ideal conditions. But landfill is problematic, as there is no oxygen and the waste is incredibly compacted, which means in reality decomposition happens very slowly, and that it will take potentially far longer. The first disposable nappy was introduced in the 1950s, which means that it still exists somewhere under the earth, and will do in all likelihood for another few centuries. This won't be an issue with real nappies from The Clean Green Nappy Machine.


The Clean Green Nappy Machine - who are we?

The Clean Green Nappy Machine is a trusted, friendly, real nappy shop and website. We advise honestly on reusable nappies and accessories which will suit both your needs and your baby’s. A baby wears a nappy for the first 2-3 years of their life. We understand the need for comfort and a natural fit, as well as your commitment to ethical products, and make sure that our cloth nappies are sourced from ethical companies.

We supply the top eco-friendly nappy brands such as Tots Bots, Blueberry, Milovia, Bambino Mio, Pop-ins and Motherease, to name a few. Our items are fairly priced, and of the highest standard.